Thursday, 18 February 2016

Acting week!

This week was acting week so yesterday and today we had lessons with actor Dan to help us with animation. In all honestly I was dreading the lessons because performing is not my strong point, but early on it was clear that we were going to have lots of fun.

In yesterday's class we had a few simple activities to break the ice and introduce ourselves to Dan. Then we had to team up and mould our friends into different positions and later on told stories with three different poses. We also played 'keepy uppy' with a toy cheeseburger which for me was the highlight of the day! 

Thursday's lesson involved more improvisation and thinking on our feet. We teamed up and created objects with our bodies and also had to get a message across to the audience and our partners just by using mime. Lots of fun and I'm really looking forward to next week's lesson. Here are a couple of quick happy snaps from today...

Actor Dan

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Adaptation A - Musicals Infographic (WIP)

Trying to get back on track after a few tough weeks. This is my infographic so far (without the wordy parts). Lots to work on and I realised through this project how little I know about After Effects! Onwards...