Thursday, 21 April 2016

Adaptation B - Maya progress

Today I started adding shaders to my scene and Alan showed me how to use the ambient occlusion effectively to bring the scene to life. Below are the original scene in Maya, the hypershade showing the plug-ins to the shaders and the rendered scene so far.
Original Maya scene
Rendered scene so far

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Adaptation B - Maya progress

I am working on the model in the middle for the Beachcomber's cottage. I'm using lattice deformers to create a more organic and tangible shape. I want the buildings to look like toys with trees and bushes which look like they are made from card. I'm hoping to achieve a world which looks like a child's play area that they have set up themselves.
This is the floor plane for my scene which is set on a beach. I enjoyed making this and Alan showed me a quick way of putting it together.

Sculpting 12/04/16

Really enjoying the sculpting lessons we have recently started. We have been set the task of recreating the bust of a character of our choice. I chose to model the Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar. I thought his head shape and features would make for a fun challenge and I am really enjoying the progress so far. This week we added bulk to our model and started to define distinctive shapes.

Last Acting Class

It was our last acting class this week and I have to say I have really enjoyed the lessons. We learned many skills from Dan that we can use in our animations and it was also really fun to do something different and more relaxed. These are a few photos from when we played 'Ninja'. Much fun!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Adaptation B - Beachcomber's Cottage

This is obviously very late in the day and I'm aware I have a lot of catching up to do with this project but these show the progression of drawings for the Beachcomber's cottage for my adaptation of the book 'Baggywrinkle'. The first pencil drawings were too generic but I was trying to get a sense of what was needed in the building. The story says that the small cottage is on the edge of the beach with a hammock and rocking chair on the balcony. The cottage is made from the leaves of a palm tree and filled with treasures from the ocean.

These next few drawings were inspired by palm trees, masks of the Ivory Coast (where the story is set) and patterns and textures from the seventies, which is when the book was written.

These are a few ideas I had for how to show the sea and the trees on the beach. I wanted to incorporate the seventies theme and these patterns seemed to work quite well.

A quick sketch of the interior and notes on how the cottage is described in the book.