Friday, 25 September 2015

Character Project-Initial Research

On Tuesday we were briefed on our Character project. We chose three cards from which we need to design game characters. This can be a video game, board game or card game. Really looking forward to this project and as a lover of board games, I was immediately drawn to this option. However, I will look into all options, particularly given the cards I have chosen, which are...
I thought I'd look into "fabric" first as this seemed maybe the trickiest card to tackle. Fabric made me immediately think of tactile games which could be played as a sensory game, maybe for visually impaired people or young children with learning difficulties. I also looked at fabric characters, such as the characters in the Comfort fabric conditioner advert, Sackboy from Little Big Planet and The Muppets.


 Cat suggested looking at the video game Kirby's Epic Yarn too...


Taking "height" alongside "fabric", made me think of parachutes and reminded me of a game I used to play as a kid, called 'Pilotwings'. So maybe I could have a game where you fly with a parachute or hang-glider through different worlds.

And then there is this kind of parachute which small kids love to play with.

Next on my list is to think of possible game ideas and how to incorporate the "worlds" card. I will look into different city/world ideas but with the "height" theme in mind. I'll keep looking at the parachute idea but have also thought about a game which has characters which are made from different fabrics and how they would each fly differently and be affected by thinking like wind and rain. Another possibility is to look into different settings, such as an underwater world as I can still incorporate "height" into this.
 The ideas I am coming up with are leading me towards a video game but I need to be mindful that I keep my options open at this point.

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  1. Two games that come to mind for me are Yoshi's Woolly World and Unravel, which hasn't come out yet but looks really charming!