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Film Review: Hero's Journey - Ratatouille

Fig.1 Ratatouille (Movie Poster, 2007)

Ratatouille tells the story of a rat called Remy who aspires to be more than just vermin and has a passion for good food. This Hero's Journey movie begins with Remy's call to adventure when his colony is discovered by the owner of the house in which they live. He is reluctant to go on his adventure and loses his way until he meets his supernatural aid in the form of the ghost of famous chef Gusteau, who is also the owner of Remy's favourite restaurant. It is here that the rat discovers he is living in Paris.  

Fig.2 Remy & Gusteau (Film Still, 2007)

Remy crosses the threshold into the belly of the whale when he accidentally finds himself in the kitchen of Gusteau's famous restaurant. Here he meets his sidekick, Linguini, a clumsy potwash boy and Remy's main road of trials is to teach his new friend to cook. He does this by hiding under Remy's toque and using his hair to control his arms. Remy uses this technique to cook delicious food in the restaurant through Linguini in a puppet-like way. 

Fig. 3 Remy & Linguini (Film Still, 2007)

Another trial Remy faces is his relationship with his Father, who believes rats should not interact with humans and understands their threat. However, towards the end of the film, Remy reaches atonement with his father when he proves that humans are not so bad and that they can work together. After an argument with Linguini, Remy refuses to cook for him any more and is almost tempted to go home after an encounter with his fat rat brother, Emile. This gives us the refusal to return but then after a change of heart, the magic flight of the film comes when all Remy's rat friends and family come together to run the restaurant after all the chefs leave on discovering Remy and Linguini's secret. 

Fig.4 Linguini & Colette (Film Still, 2007)

Remy becomes master of both worlds when he can carry on cooking but his rat family also live in harmony with the human friends Remy has made, thus also showing the freedom to live at the end. 

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