Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Minor Project ideas and initial work

After discussions with Phil I've decided to work on a form of adaptation for my minor project. I was inspired by the advert 'Emily's Oz' (link here: in which a blind 7-year-old girl describes how she envisions the Wizard of Oz. This was then made into an advert promoting Audio Description. I love the way a child's mind works and the descriptions they come out with, so my plan is to try out some things to give me a base to work with. Suggestions which Phil and I came up with:-

  • Kids retell a well known story (such as a fairy tale, iconic film or much loved story)
  • Kids describe a film which in its time would have been received much differently from now (so for example, my 8 and 6 year olds watched the B Movie 'The Blob' and found it absolutely hilarious, whereas when it was released in 1958 would have been seen as really scary)
  • Play a game of 'consequences' with them where they add a part of the story in turn.
  • Ask them to describe something, such as "where do bees go when it rains?" or "what does heaven look like?"
From this I will then make a short animation to bring their story to life.

Currently I have a sound recorder at home and I'm making recordings of my 3 children and some of their friends giving me their versions of the life, the universe and everything! Watch this space for the results...

Alice, 3
Lucy, 6
Emily, 8


  1. A while back a 3D artist I follow on Twitter made a monster character based on a child's drawing, thought you'd like to see it :)

  2. looking forward to the results!