Friday, 12 December 2014

WIM - Creative Partnership Archived

Feedback From Others to Me:

Issey Miyake research
Hey Emma! Just thought I'd let you know that we're creative partners for this project! Great to see you already understand your artist, hope to see some thumbnails soon! :)
What If? Metropolis - thumbnails 1-21
I like 19 and 21, very interesting shapes! You could look into different folding techniques if you want to build a more interesting pleated look?
A few more city thumbnails 24-59
I think 28 and 33 are interesting! I also like the colour in 41 :)
Thumnails 98-113
I bet Jordan did that in a few minutes as well, show off. They're looking nice though, you've got a lot of great forms there. Really like 98, 111 and 113, they have great texture and form
These are looking quite abstract and organic. The fibre textures you've added really bring in depth and a sense of volume. 98, 110 and 105 definitely stand out for me.

I agree with Jordan in that a dash of colour could make it amazing
Thumbnails 114-121
Well done :) I love 118, the skewed strange angles of them and the landscape in 114 and 117, 117 feels like a river of some kind, its really good
More thumbnails (122-125)
I love these, Brem's ghost even made an appearance. 123 and 125 are the most interesting for me.
I agree 123 is really lovely! The lasso tool is working really well for you here :)
Emma these are lovely! :) I think 122 would make a great interior and 123 has a nice open space to it! Good job, keep up the awesome work!
124 seems like it could be an interesting interior space to some noteworthy building. I also like the shapes in 123, it almost looks like Brem's Ghost is standing on a bridge-like walkway.
Final Compositions
That composition is looking wonderful Emma! Can't wait to see the colour on it! :)
Final Concept Art?? 
that's a interesting concept art i like the coulees and the curves i really works well make the whole piece look like a modern architecture concept art piece 
Love all the curved buildings, really makes it feel quite modern. The textures are also very nice, not 100 percent sure about the composition though, it feels quite empty for a city. 
These are come very fluid and organic buildings. The birds at the top being the same pattern and style as the rest of the composition are a very nice touch.

The ground in front of the structure at the back looks like water to me.
WIM - Building sketches 
Looking good so far though Emma! That building might be a little difficult to model but at least attempt it and show some progress, if not you have the back up of the matte painting! Your composition is looking pretty good in 3D as well just keep cracking on :)
From Me to Others:
To Kayliegh:
Oh, this looks so great, Kayliegh. Love the colours and the textures are brilliant. Almost there! :)
Great start Kayliegh! I can't wait to see your city come to life. I quite like the different views you've used in the smaller screenshots above too. Keep going! :)
Oh Kayliegh, this is excellent!! It really feels like it has a lot more depth and space to it now and I love the metal structures. :)
Hi Kayliegh, I like the 2nd one best. I think it has the right amount of structures but still with a good sense of space. I like number 4 too - mainly for the background :)
I like the colours and the eeriness of number 2, but number 3 grabs me as well. But I like number 4 too, aarrgh!! I can see your frustration. I think in terms of a complete city, maybe number 4 as it seems to have a mixture of some of the elements of both in it. I think I like the shapes and textures of number 4 best too. :)
Kayliegh, these are looking so great! I reckon you could definitely do something with the eye image in 109. 105 and 110 are also favourites of mine from the top thumbnails. I agree with Ella - I think you need to go 3D now and think of your city as a whole. Look at the transformation your city has made from the beginning!! It's great! :D 
Wow, these are brilliant Kayliegh! I really like 100 and 104. Looking forward to seeing some more :)
I really like 53, particularly the textures and colours, and 55 makes me want to go in and explore! Lots of favourites with the building shapes - 65, 67 and 70 are favourites of mine too, though I think you have loads to use there. :)
Great idea to do the collage! I really like number 46. I think of the top ones, 17 looks like it has great potential. Lots of layers to it and it feels like you are passing a city of some sort. I really love the shapes in 20 and 24 too. They look quite creepy and seem very fitting with Max Ernst's work.
To Mark:
This looks great, Mark. Fantastic to see it finished. I love the way you've lit the city. It really makes it to come to life. Having the mixture of modelling and matte painting really adds the depth too.
Hi Mark, I think 4, 7 & 8 are my favourites as you've really managed to capture of feeling of depth in your thumbnails. They would also by good for layering up when it comes to putting together matte painting and Maya I think. :)
I love the shapes you are using, Mark. Number 120 looks fantastic and I really want to see more of it. I really like the way you paint .:)
Mark, I love your group pixelation video, it's great! Some really clever and fun ideas and the animation flowed really nicely.

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