Wednesday, 3 December 2014

WIM - Building sketches

 As per Jordan's instructions I'm putting these sketches up! I always forget to put sketchbook work on my blog and I did these a while ago. These are the buildings I'm hoping to model in Maya.

I see this as the main building in my city - some sort of Town Hall.
This I saw as a school or university. A very airy and light building with the option of opening up the sides to create an indoor/outdoor space. The interior would allow for rooms to be created or opened up as necessary with the use of canopies and screens.
I really, really want to model this in Maya, but know that it will be super-tricky. Jordan's given me some pointers so I think I'll get the other buildings out the way and then tackle this one at the end. I could create it on a matte painting, but I think that would be cheating a bit and I really want to have a go at modelling it.

 These are a couple of pages just getting my head around how the walkway will work. I started off with having straight poles which could be raised or lowered to change the height and shape of the canopied walkway, but after sketching some ideas I thought it'd look better as curved supports. Then these can be bent more or less to create height. Might look at insects and caterpillars to see how their legs work in the same way to raise and lower their bodies.

So when it came to Maya I was struggling with how to create the building shapes. I tried starting with cubes and cylinders, creating curves and deleting faces. After speaking to Jordan it turns out I can create the buildings with the exact same effect I used in the beginning when doing my concept art in Photoshop, using planes and then warping and skewing them to create shapes. The work above is what Jordan did, so I will try and recreate it myself now. This is the way I believe Issey Miyake would have worked had he been creating his own city. The animation tools will come in handy to add the bends I need, so lots of practicing making bendy shapes for me. I'm hoping the pleating effect can be replicated in this way too.

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  1. Looking good so far though Emma! That building might be a little difficult to model but at least attempt it and show some progress, if not you have the back up of the matte painting! Your composition is looking pretty good in 3D as well just keep cracking on :)