Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Modelling in Maya

Think I'm getting there with the modelling and am completely aware that I should have finished this by now. Have been struggling with trying to recreate the shapes I liked in my concept art and have made so many variations, though I think I have settled on these now. I tried the technique Jordan suggested, which is the same as the way I made the buildings in my concept art. I've created a plane which I've added an image to and then used the animation tools, the soft select option and the vertex selections to warp and distort the flat square into 3D buildings.

At the back I've added a couple more planes to layer up the backdrop and I've also managed to model the 'theatre' from my concept art. This one was really daunting, but Simon suggested starting with a polygon helix which I've then warped, extruded and rotated to create this shell-like structure.

It's looking a tad messy at the moment, but I'm hoping a bit of texturing and lighting will help tidy that up! Plodding on...

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