Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Character Design

Much to everyone's excitement, we started our Character Design lessons today with Justin. He explained different character styles to us, ranging from 'iconic' to 'realistic' and asked us to transform one of our favourite characters into a completely different style.

I chose the infamous Boba Fett and re-drew him in an iconic style. It was lots of fun and made us concentrate on the more memorable parts of the character; those that make them instantly recognisable, despite the style. Here is Iconic Boba Fett! :)

This one didn't take me an awful lot of time, so I managed to squeeze in an Iconic Wicket too...
Justin then explained how we can gauge a certain character from their shape. We were given an existing character at random and had to decide which shape(s) they were already and then change or exaggerate it to give them a different character. I was given Buttercup, one of the Powerpuff girls. She is mainly a circle, but with a few very subtle triangles, suggesting she is mainly friendly but with maybe an angry streak. I exaggerated these triangles and gave her a slightly different pose to try and make her seem more fierce and deadly!


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