Friday, 16 January 2015

Yet another idea (and I like this one!)...

After having some chats this morning with Chelsea, Mailin and Kavya I think I have another, more viable idea than the ones I've previously come up with. Here goes...

We have our main character who has always wanted to be a clown, but failed as he is just not funny. In desperation, he looks for kitchen work and the only job he can get is in the kitchen of the 'Circus, Circus' casino in Las Vegas which rubs his face in it even more. He becomes more and more miserable. His co-workers tease him because of his desire to be a clown and taunt him for just not being funny. It has got to the point where he is so unhappy he is driven a bit crazy and cracks, killing his co-workers one-by-one. He creates a signature mark of painting clown smiles on his victims with their own blood. Bit gruesome, but the most exciting idea I think I've come across yet! Any thoughts?


  1. Using the brush to paint bloody smileys on the faces of a clown killer's victims was actually my first idea when reading your words! I wasn't sure if suggesting it was relevant or not since you were heading in another direction, but I'm glad to find out you've been considering it :)

    1. Ahh excellent! Thanks Julien. I think I might go for this option now as it means there is a good back-story and hopefully a good ending! :)