Saturday, 10 January 2015

Storytelling ideas

Very excited to be given our new project on Tuesday. From the mysterious blue box, I pulled out:


I've had a few ideas so far. Please feel free to leave feedback...

Initial quick ideas:-

1. Part-time clown, part-time painter & decorator. At the circus performing and upsets an audience member by doing regular clowny things. Clown finishes for the day at the circus for the night and in the morning goes off to his painting & decorating job. Realises that the man who has asked him to redecorate his kitchen is the same one he upset last night at the circus performance.

2. The 'frustrated clown'. A chef (who looks a bit like a clown) is fed up with his current job and gives it up to join the circus. Not sure where the paintbrush fits into this one yet.

3. Skint and failing clown has to work in a kitchen to get food but he is unsure how as he only knows circus tricks. Washes up with a paintbrush etc, etc.

4. Clown grandma at home baking in the kitchen. She has gone a bit loopy and is using a paintbrush to try and do everything. Pics of her circus days in the background and she is reminiscing about her past.

5. Scary serial killer clown hides his victims' bodies in the kitchen and he paints over them to try and disguise them as household items (piles of ironing, dishwasher, vegetable rack etc.

6. Clown with a magic paintbrush.

7. (this is the idea I think I might look into further). A clown and a ballerina/nurse/doctor/fireman/whatever are in the kitchen. Clown is cooking dinner and the (whoever else) is making a cup of tea. They start to argue over something and things get heated, but then they start acting strangely. Clown stick a paintbrush in the other character's nose and they push the clown over. Clown then starts crying. We zoom right in on the clown's face (nose?) or paintbrush and then zoom out to reveal that they are two small children playing with a toy kitchen in their dressing up outfits.

Please share your thoughts. Don't think we have the next blockbuster here but am coming up with ideas all the time so will keep on posting as and when they come!

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