Thursday, 15 January 2015

Storytelling ideas - help!

Feel like I'm struggling a bit with coming up with a decent idea, so any comments/thoughts welcome please! I have Clown, Paintbrush and Kitchen.

 - Girl is at her birthday party at home. She has a clown as an entertainer but she is scared of him. She goes to hide in the kitchen in a cupboard (Jurassic Park stylee) but can see that the clown is coming after her. Just as the clown reaches the cupboard, he is distracted by the girl's mother. The girl's eyes widen as she is worried what will happen, but then the mum kisses the clown (just a peck, not a full-on snog!) and starts chatting normally with the clown while she prepares the party food. The mum coaxes the little girl out of the cupboard and the clown rubs his make-up off to reveal that he is just the girl's father. The girl is relieved and the mum reapplies the clown make-up and paints the girl's face to match her dad's. They then rejoin the party together and live happily ever after...

- A little boy starts work in a kitchen (maybe working with his father?). He is only tiny, so his clothing etc are all a bit too big for him, therefore he trips over a lot and is quite clumsy. He goes to help the pastry chef make jam tarts. He opens the bag of flour and the flour puffs up in his face and makes his face white. He then sneakily tastes some of the jam (by dipping it into the jar with a pastry brush) when no-one is watching but it gets smeared all over his mouth. The pastry chef returns and can see that the little boy resembles a clown, so gets some of the bubbles from the washing up bowl and gives him clown hair. This could also work with a child in a home kitchen helping their mum or dad bake jam tarts or something.

Let me know your thoughts. I've put up a few ideas on previous blog posts too. I've had ideas of chefs who want to be clowns and clowns who want to work in a kitchen, but these all seem a bit too obvious. Think the part I'm struggling with most is incorporating the paintbrush! Aaarggh!

These are the words I came up with right at the beginning when we got the brief:-

CLOWN: red nose, wig, funny/scary, custard pies, painted face (paintbrush!!), sad/happy, tricks - juggling, unicycle, falling over, big feet, colourful, circus, comedy

PAINTBRUSH: colours, held in fingers/feet/mouth, art, pastry brush, artists brush, painter & decorator

KITCHEN: cottage/traditional/cluttered/homely or clean/modern/white/shiny, commercial kitchen, home kitchen, cooking show, TV chef, heart of the home, tiles, stainless steel, washing up, washing, dishwasher, oven, toaster, fridge, market kitchen, mobile (burger van type) kitchen


  1. another idea for you - maybe not helpful, but it's the one in my brain... okay, so Hogwarts is a school for wizards. What about if there's a school for clowns out there - a school with home economic classes for clowns and likewise art classes - I can see an Academy for clowns needing classes to make custard pies and I can see an Academy for clowns having to have classes with paint brushes in order to put their faces on (did you know that all clowns are reputed to have an egg with their likeness on it?)

    Anyway - what if you've got a little boy at clown school who just isn't funny, who can't make custard pies, who can't draw smily faces etc... the third act twist might be that he goes on to be a VERY successful clown - i.e. this one!

    1. Like that idea and am having a think about it and doing a bit of research. I've never heard of the egg thing before!! I've put another blog post up just now after chatting with some of the others. Completely different take on it, but I kinda like it! Can you let me know what you think if you have chance? Hope you're having a great time!!