Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fantastic Voyage - initial ideas

Very excited to be briefed on our new project today - Fantastic Voyage! From the four choices of virus/parasite we were given, I've decided to focus on the Influenza Virus. From the description and images that Dr Klappa has given us, I could envisage lots of hands grabbing from the cell to the virus and pulling it in (possibly with a theme park feel to it?! I still have lots of thinking to do about this!). The nucleus of the cell I could see as a 'room of mirrors' where the RNA replication happens. Some of the RNA would then 'sneak out the back door' into the main part of the cell where the 'translation' happens, before they punch their way out of the membrane and go on to create a new virus in the body.

Diagram of the Influenza Virus
Initial thoughts are to aim this towards a younger audience, maybe 8-10 year olds. I'm not sure this subject would be as appealing to Key Stage 3 children as they may struggle to grasp the concepts and lose interest. I'm planning on doing a little bit of early market research to see how aware children around 6-12 years old are of Influenza and this will hopefully help me to target the right audience.
Another thought I had was to aim this at a slightly wider audience and create a (possibly interactive) video that can be played in doctors' surgeries or maybe science museums which will be shown on a continuous loop. I would need to ensure that any music or voices used weren't too irritating; that they could be listened to several times in a row without getting annoying. Obviously it would need to be family friendly and not too scary for more vulnerable audiences.
Any thoughts very welcome.

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