Monday, 2 February 2015

FSTS: Character sketches - Pot wash boy and bully chefs.

These are the ideas I have for the bully chefs in my story. I want a main 'ringleader' and am thinking of something like number 2. He will be the opposite of the main character in my story, so will need to be tall, skinny, arrogant - a stereotypical French pastry chef. The other guys will be his cronies. Am looking at maybe number 6 being the butcher etc. It doesn't really matter what job they do but I want a bit of a mixture.

The guy is roughly how I envisage the main character in the story, the poor potwash boy who is bullied by the others. I'm working on before and after sketches on him at the moment to show how he looks when he begins the story compared to how he ends up at the end.

As always, feedback much appreciated. I know the work needs cleaning up and I'll do this once I've got a definite 4 or 5 characters.

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  1. The chef character you described is nice. You can also consider a slight twist in the chefs persona, like the chef being an arrogant lazy slouch who stands around dishing out order/demands. Number 7 seems to fit that, and the crony you've chosen(6) would be a good combination...For your original chef idea (2), the crony that would also go well with him is number (5). reason being is, I think he would be associated with people who somehow reflects his own self, they seem like a good fit.