Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Master painting studies

So happy to have lessons with Jordan again and really excited about the things he has in store for us to do! This week we looked at master painters and tried to begin replicating several famous paintings by mapping in blocks of colour. The exercise really made us look carefully at the particular colours used instead of what we might immediately imagine them to be. Very interesting and enjoyable. I hope to carry on with these studies at a later date.
We spent about 15 minutes on each of these three paintings. Am pleased with how they turned out.

We began by flipping this painting and blocking in the main colours upside down. It really helped to get the proportions and positioning correct. We spent about 15 minutes working upside down and then another 15 minutes fine tuning with the painting the right way up.
I chose to work on just a small section of the original painting here and only worked on it for about 10 minutes, mapping out the larger shapes. Will hopefully carry on with it later on.

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