Monday, 16 February 2015

FSTS - The beginnings of Pre-viz

I began the pre-viz of my story today in Maya. It seemed to come together pretty quickly as the kitchen is mainly made up of planes and cubes. I've used the pre-modeled characters from Alan's tutorials but just adapted them to suit my characters. Both have been given chequered trousers and white chefs jackets. I've tried to make the pot wash boy slightly shorter and plumper and the pastry chef taller and thinner with an added tote and moustache! I need to add more props and textures and then I will begin animating.

Once added into the scene, I made him even plumper and much shorter
Pastry chef
Once in the scene, I made him much taller and slightly thinner

The beginnings of modeling the kitchen and trying to gauge scale and spacing


  1. Well done :) the scene is looking good, it could do with a bit more refining and details like household objects and table tops

    1. Thanks Max! I've added some pots and pans and started animating. I'm really enjoying this bit! Check out the next blog post for a taster... :)