Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - OGR


  1. @Phil - my Powerpoint presentation doesn't seem to have uploaded in Scribd correctly. You'll see the word 'Influenza' is incomplete on slide 2 and there is some text missing from the bottom of slide 5. I've tried uploaded it again, but it's not making a difference. When I click 'download' from Scribd into Powerpoint, however, it seems to work fine! Very odd.

  2. OGR 06/03/2015

    Hi Emma,

    As discussed, I think the targeting of your film at the doctor's surgery is a nice idea and means you need to go for an immediate and universally understood approach. In this sense, dropping the sea creatures is a good idea! However, you also need to be careful about your depictions of the elderly, because 'the elderly' no longer see themselves as such, and all those stooped old ladies and men might be considered a bit, well, a bit patronising. I'm not saying they are - I'm just saying that they could be potentially off putting. One way around this might be to use one shape that you accessorise accordingly - rather like the minions from Despicable Me - so you just give the same shape a dummy (for the baby) or a sticking plaster (for the infirm) or a pair of glasses on a chain (for the elderly); you could keep things nice and representative then, without getting into the true complexity of character design - so characters a bit like these:

    They can still be hand drawn and simple - in fact very simple - and maybe with a quality not dissimilar to this kind of work where the lines and the colours aren't quite in registration with each other, as in the designs of Mary White:

    If you adopt quite a strongly stylised line-art/character style for your 2d world, it should make designing/texturing the cgi components of the cycle more straightforward, as you'll have a clear style to emulate and translate.

    My broad point is be mindful of designing the elderly in a stereotypical way, because those stereotypes are changing, and perhaps, by thinking a bit more laterally about how you might signify these characteristics, you could push your visual concept a bit further?