Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Life Drawing 18/03/15

Another fun life drawing session today. We were given free reign this week so I chose to work smaller again as I enjoyed the postcard size we worked on last week. All of these were quick sketches today, ranging from 1 minute to about 10 minutes.
3 minutes - chalk pastel

3 minute - chalk pastel

3 minutes - chalk pastel

3 minutes - chalk pastel

1 and 2 minutes each - fine liner and water

2 minutes - fine liner and water

Brian then did a couple of longer poses for us, but I decided to stay on quicker sketches as I feel I get better results from these. These first 3 are about 5 minutes each in fine liner and water.


The next set were a bit more experimental. All about 5-10 mins each.


Gouache and ink (fine liner and Sharpie)

fine liner, ink and water (submitted for Horsebridge exhibition)

fine liner, ink and water (submitted for Horsebridge exhibition)


  1. I like how the two lying down poses in the sketchbook feel like an interactive turnaround :)

    1. Thanks Julien! I'd love to say I did that deliberately but...!! :)

  2. wow! you were busy! Lovely stuff :)