Wednesday, 11 March 2015

FV Character designs

Think this is the style of characters I'm going for in my Influenza animation. Number 4 guy is the baddy and comes into the story in the form of a dodgy door-to-door salesman. The others are healthy cells which could become infected by the 'flu. The idea is that the virus works his way around the local town knocking on doors of vulnerable people, infecting them all as he goes. As he reaches a property, he shakes the hand of the person answering, mimicking the 'key and lock' scenario that Dr Klappa explained in his video. The virus then enters the house and leaves with some of the inhabitant's possession, mirroring what the virus would do in real life. The virus would then emerge from the house as a slightly different virus and continue to the next door to do the same again.

The break this cycle we would see the characters taking precautions; perhaps having the 'flu jab, using anti-bacterial hand gel and offering tissues to people who are sneezing near them, etc. We would then see the virus trying his dirty work again but being unsuccessful this time and being turned away from the houses.

The idea with these characters is to model them in Maya and then work over them in Flash. I'd like the Maya shapes to be quite floaty and friendly looking. The real animation would then come from the details added in Flash, such as facial expressions and details which help to tell the story.


  1. so much character in these, Emma - love 6 - so cheery!

  2. I agree! These are very charming c: