Sunday, 19 October 2014

Anastasia thumbnails and interior pictures

Just a few quick thumbnails to get warmed up before I carry on with my paintings. Still not 100% happy with the building (see previous post too). I'm wondering whether it might look better more opened up with archways to invite the eye in. My original idea was to have the entire interior as the darker, more 'boudoir' and 'opium den', but I'm thinking now it might be better with a grand central area with smaller curtained off areas branching off from it - almost like booths!?
Below are some of the images I'm using as inspiration for the interior. I'm going for rich, sumptuous colours with layers of fabrics and elaborate detailing. Phil suggested looking at 'fin de siècle' and Art Nouveau, including Gustav Klimt. I'm using the 'jewelled' look as flooring most probably, which will also show off the use of precious stones which are mined in Anastasia.



  1. I really like 5 and 8, they could definitely be pushed into more detail. the framing of number 8 is really cool, love the high shot.

    1. Thanks Charlie! Really appreciate the feedback. Really feeling the pressure now we're into the last week and almost panic drawing!! How's it going with yours?