Saturday, 18 October 2014

More Anastasia exterior and interior sketches

So I've been sketching up a few exterior views of Anastasia to try and get all my ideas in one place. (again, sorry for the rubbish quality photos)
I had a rough idea of what I wanted the buildings to look like but have since found even more images I like from researching in the library, like the one below.  This is by no means the final look, just an accumulation of parts of architecture that I think portrays my image of Anastasia. Still more to do...
The Palace of Electricity, Paris 1900
In order to get my own head around my plan for Anastasia, I had to map it out to work out where everything was going to go and how the buildings, statues, fountains etc would go and how they would sit in comparison to everything else. I also needed to get a sense of scale into what I was trying to achieve.

Once I'd sorted the rough plan, I began to sketch out the rough exterior establishing shot I had in mind. Not sure if I need to zoom out a bit more to show surrounding buildings etc. Anastasia is a beautiful and welcoming city which draws the visitor in. Once inside, however, it is a darker, more seductive place but this is only discovered once you had gone inside and 'succumbed' to the desires of the city. Therefore, I feel like I want to keep the interior and back of the city from view. My establishing shot will show the exterior grounds and main 'gateway' to the inner city which is the building you see in the drawing above. I think I'll also show some dwellings which are surrounding the main gates of the city where the more sceptical people live - the ones who are tempted, but are not brave enough to venture in just yet.

This is a very quick sketch of the back of the city. This is where all the indulgence and seediness occurs! Not too much detail really here and just ideas, but I felt I needed to sketch the outside, in order to determine what the inside would look like. The interior shot below is a rough idea of the inside of the building above. Lots more work to be done here, but I know exactly what I want to do!

I've started to draw up both the rough establishing exterior shot and thumbnails which are working towards the interior shot on Photoshop, using the graphic tablet, but I'm not really getting the results I want at the moment. It just means more practise and more experimenting with the different brushes. Time is ticking though, so this weekend will be spent painting, painting, painting!! Here they are so far...

Any feedback gratefully received!

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  1. Hi Emma,
    This is really exiting! There are some lovely shapes and details coming out.
    its fine to work in your sketchbook first (I still do now). If you want to hand draw and then work in photoshop you can scan the pages in at uni, wither in the base room or on the printer things (straight to a stick). Use photoshop and play around with the levels to get clear lines. Shout if you'd like more explanation.

    Think about the camera angles you are going to use - you can change the whole feel of a picture by changing the perspective.