Monday, 6 October 2014

Maya tutorial - Character Modelling

Although it seemed to take me FOREVER to do this tutorial, I got there in the end! I am persevering with Maya and want to love it. The offset option hates me, but I will coax it into my way of thinking. I also don't seem to get along with the way the bevel tool is used in the tutorials, but have found an alternative way of getting it to do what I want. I'm assuming this is just the difference between the versions of Maya (I'm using 2015)?

Why does my pencil have a black eye?!! So I modelled my first eye with no problems, but when I duplicated it (using the -0.5 scale on the axis), the new eye appeared completely black. (There is a pupil there too, honestly). I can't work out why this is and attempted the duplication several times. Not sure if it's something to do with me having a different axis view to the tutorial maybe - I can't work it out!

My eraser needs to pick its eyes off the floor. Felt like by this point, I was gaining a bit more confidence, although my neck is hurting and my forehead has many more frown lines.

Complete! Any clues on the black eye...?!


  1. Ohhh well done! Both of them look beautiful! I have no idea about the black eye, have you tried right click and add material (in this case, colour)? Not sure if that works for nurbs but give it a try. Hope you'll be back in tomorrow!

  2. Hi Emma,
    the black eye is caused by the facing of the geometry being effectively inside out, this happens when you scale in x -1. In 2014 and earlier the lighting set up in the display port is slightly different and wouldn't normally flag up this issue, however in 2015 the have changed the default setting and now it does. To rectify select the geometry of the black eye goe up to your drop down menus and find Normals then find Reverse and vit should turn grey again.

    Today we went through the modelling section of digital sets I will e-mail you a link. Well done for getting this done though.... It will get much quicker if you persevere.

    1. Yes!! Thank you so much! Did it in a slightly different way - my 'Normals' menu only came up on Polygons and my eye is a NURB. Instead I went to 'Edit NURBS' and 'Reverse Surface Direction'. Hoorah!! :-)