Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Online Greenlight Review - Invisible Cities

OGR Invisible Cities">


  1. Hi Emma,
    great OGR - its nicely presented and clear with a good variety of thumbnail sketches.

    In terms of the darker side, explore the context of sinister within film (I think you've probably seen Metropolis and Dr Caligari by now). There are succinct ways to suggest darkness. Artists use motifs such as mist and fog, smoke and mirrors, to make a setting seem insubstantial. Distorting the scene, maybe using displaced or out of scale objects, or manipulating the lighting are other ways to subtly suggest there are evil things happening. You need to really dig into this to get a good contrast.
    Have a look at the artwork for the game "Limbo" -
    Chrissie :)

  2. OGR 09/10/2014

    Hey Emma,

    I'm excited by your conceptualisation of Anastasia - the association of the agate slices and the canals, and your obvious relish for its sensorial delights and hint of decadence. I'm satisfied too by the purposeful and pragmatic way in which you've sought to mitigate against your inexperience with the graphics tablet by incorporating found imagery; thumbnails are about ideas-generation after all, and as your confidence and skills improve with the tablet etc. you'll be able to 'publish' your imagination more immediately.

    You don't appear to have clearly distinguished any key decisions re. compositions at this stage, so my feedback concerns visual references that might further enrich your vision for this city. There's something a bit Moulin Rouge! about the sense of excess and sensuality characterising Anastasia; no doubt you've seen it, but the interior of the elephant is a sight to behold:

    In terms of that darkness beneath all the sensorial excitements, you might want to look at Aubrey Beardsley for a whiff of sex and danger:

    Art Nouveau is an aesthetic particularly associated with luxury/decay, and some of the motifs might suit this city as a visual concept associated with Anastasia's delights and dangers. You might want to look at the concept of Fin de siecle, which associates with the point when a civilisation falls into a kind moral decay and decadence:ècle

    The broad point is that maybe by taking on Art Nouveau as a visual concept, and pushing it through your city's character, you might be able to signal the duality of the city.

    Gustave Klimt was another artist associated with Art Nouveau - take a look at his paintings: it's almost as if his canvases are mosaicked with jewel-like agate! The thing about Klimt too is you've got the sexiness and luxury...

    but also the menace...

    Just as I'm writing - inspired by Klimt's mermaids - you might also think about characterising Anastasia as a kind of siren - a beautiful mesmeric attraction that also ensnares - a femme fatale!

    So - Art Nouveau and Fin de siècle... take a look.

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