Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Anastasia thumbnails

So I've been working on a few more thumbnails of the city of Anastasia following the feedback from Phil and my mentor Chrissie. I'm exploring more of the Art Nouveau and Fin de Siecle style and finding that they fit really well with the ideas and shapes I already had in my head. I'm bursting with ideas and just trying to get everything out now. I've spent the last few days collecting images and now I'm beginning to use those to design my city. I'm trying to cover everything - furniture, graphic design, clothing, statues, gardens, buildings, jewellery. The picture quality of these thumbnails isn't great as I took photos on my phone from my sketchbook, but you get the idea. Am hoping to get a bit closer with finalising the exterior look of the city, both from afar and close-up, before I work on the sketches in Photoshop. I find I work much quicker in a sketchbook so am doing it the old-fashioned way for the time being so I can maximise my time.
Quick sketch of Park Guell in Barcelona (now I wish I was going on the trip even more! Sob!)

Ceiling detail, Art Nouveau stool and screens 

Chaise Longue and quick interior sketch from Moulin Rouge, Paris 

Art Nouveau lamp and vases 

sketches of statues, some of which will welcome visitors to Anastasia! 

A couple of amazing Art Nouveau buildings which I love. A combination of these and the Bellas Artes Palace in Mexico will give you an idea of what I'm looking at for the gateway to Anastasia.
Random sketch of Jabba's Palace which I feel fits in somewhere, but not quite sure where yet. Plus some doors, benches etc

 Another Anastasian goddess and some swirly details!
Some garden details and ideas
Think I need to concentrate on getting the exterior views planned out and then I will start detailing the seedy and dark interior of Anastasia! Watch this space...

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