Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Drawing class!

Really enjoyed the drawing class today and had lots of fun using charcoal and chalk and working big. I love this free and open way of sketching. Today we draw from an installation with our Invisible Cities brief in the backs of our mind. Was also very inspiring looking at our classmates work and the techniques used. Sometimes it was the case that we saw things in each others' sketches that the artist hadn't necessarily seen themselves. We also took photos of our work which opened things up further as I could see more in the photos than I could in the actual artwork. This touches on a point made in our 'Realism' lecture last Thursday that the camera can sometimes give a different perspective to real life.

Charcoal on white paper drawing the installation
The first drawing of the day and I quickly relaxed into the freer style of working. I really enjoy charcoal work and find I can be more creative, productive and above all confident than when working on a smaller scale. Maybe because you cannot hide the work so well?! By the third sketch, I'd really gotten into what I was producing and this has built my confidence with my drawing overall.

Charcoal on white paper concentrating on the negative space
I quite like the abstract nature of this one. I wasn't thinking of anything in particular when working on it, but just drew what came to me at the time. Large scale doodling really, but based on the negative space and the shadows on the objects in front of me.

Chalk and charcoal on black paper
I started off drawing strong shapes from the installation and then I could imagine a city forming. Looking at the photo of the artwork seem to highlight even more parts of the sketch which weren't as apparent or as strong in the original.

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