Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Final Compositions

 So these were the compositions I narrowed down to and I'm working up the bottom one as my final piece. Very late in the day I know, but I'm still not completely decided on key assets and colour schemes. I am happy with all of these, so I have tried to amalgamate them as much as possible while still trying to keep a sense of space.
I like the colour in the first image and the sense of space, so these are the two I'd narrowed down to work on further.
I felt this one was becoming a bit too overcrowded and closed in, but I liked the colour, so will use this in my final comp.

So I've used the first image above (which is from my original thumbnail no. 123) and incorporated all the elements I liked from other thumbnails. I feel like I've got a good space here and want to try and keep everything quite open. I see this as just getting to the busier, more built-up part of the city, so we start to see key buildings and links to other parts, such as the entrance to the underground transport system and walkways to commercial areas, and we begin to feel the hum of the heart of the city.

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  1. That composition is looking wonderful Emma! Can't wait to see the colour on it! :)