Friday, 7 November 2014

Thumbnails 82-97

So following on from Phil's feedback on my OGR, I've been trying the warp tool out in Photoshop to create some more interesting but clean shapes from simple solid circles and squares. I really enjoyed this exercise and will do more over the weekend. Issey Miyake deliberately cut oversized simple shapes for his garments and then formed them into clothes afterwards. I've also tried mimicking his 'Pleats Please' range using the lasso tool in Photoshop to create a pleated effect and then warping and skewing cut out shapes using the marquee tool. I love the effects this method creates and I'm sure this will crop up in my city a lot. I'm sticking with greyscale for the time being as I want to concentrate on form before I start adding colour. I want to try adding blur next to create depth and will also try building up more layers to form some samples of the city as a whole.

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  1. yes - love 85, for example - you've quickly and simply achieved a real sense of landscape and structure - and I'm liking the pleating effects getting started too! Good stuff!