Monday, 10 November 2014

Thumnails 98-113

Just a few more thumbnails from Jordan's lesson today. I feel like now I want to take all the crazy shapes I'm creating and try and get them together to feel like a city. I've been struggling a little bit with this so I spoke to Jordan who gave me loads of tips on how to use the thumbnails I have. I can see lots of things in the thumbnails, like a canopy over a walkway in no 111, a wall with a 'peel-off' window in number 101 and bridge maybe in 113. The picture below is Jordan's work, but it shows what I need to be doing. Putting down a ground plane, adding a bit of texture, but at the same time keeping the clean edges and building up layers. Basically, warp, skew and lasso!!
Jordan's example - NOT MY WORK UNFORTUNATELY!!


  1. I bet Jordan did that in a few minutes as well, show off. They're looking nice though, you've got a lot of great forms there. Really like 98, 111 and 113, they have great texture and form

  2. Emma - you're absolutely able to do this, no probs! Get stuck in :)

  3. Even though I put that composition together, it all essentially comes from your design work. You've got all these great forms, textures and shapes just waiting to be put into compositions. Treat it like collage and see where things lead. Your shape thumbnails are so strong. 98, 99 and 109 all stand out. Just copy them, paste them, transform them and generate lots of different spaces.

    Also, I'd love to start seeing some colour. I know it's scary, but it is better to tackle it now :) Go!

  4. Thank you all for the encouraging words. Looking forward to tackling this task tonight. Just going to get the frustrated nuns out the way first!! XD

  5. These are looking quite abstract and organic. The fibre textures you've added really bring in depth and a sense of volume. 98, 110 and 105 definitely stand out for me.

    I agree with Jordan in that a dash of colour could make it amazing.

    1. Thanks Mark! Going to tackle the colour today!! :)