Thursday, 6 November 2014

What if? Metropolis - OGR Presentation

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  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hi Emma,

    Well, I want to live in Efileno! Sound absolutely wonderful there! Lovely writing, very evocative and you're absolutely describing a city with Miyake's lightness of touch and elegance! There are multiple opportunities described here for key vistas and your most recent thumbnails are growing in confidence, but I'm going to give you the same advice I've given Kavia in terms of using Photoshop tools more simply - and to try a process that is more about manipulation and collaging things together in the first instance. I'm suggesting this, because Miyake's forms tend to be simpler and more pure in terms of their silhouettes - simple shapes that are then warped, folded or pleated into more complex forms.

    I want you to try working up a few Miyake-inspired shapes this way: in Photoshop, use the preset Shape tool (near the bottom of the toolbar on the left - look for the little rectangle) to create a simple oval or circle or square or whatever; then use the warp tool (under 'Edit>transform path) to manipulate that simple shape into something more complex (but still clean). You should see pretty quickly how you can start to build up Miyake-like shapes that are instantly 'architectural'; by repeating this process, by scaling up and down, by combining forms you've created, I think you'll soon see how it's possible to achieve those Miyake folded and pleated effects. Ultimately, the designer would be working similarly, manipulating flat sections of fabric etc. into three-dimensional forms. Give it a go - and start simply - use layers of forms to create more complex forms. By adding a horizon line to your image, you will likewise see how the forms you've made can begin to scale-up to look like bigger architectural components.

    I have no doubt that you can really see this city in your mind's eye, and I'm hoping a change-up of techniques might get you closer to the structures you're keen to create.