Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Thumbnails 60-81 and a possible name for my city...

 A few more thumbnails and getting more of a 'city' feel about it, though I still don't have a clear, clear view about how it will look just yet.
I quite like 60, 61 & 65. The idea with 66-68 (and also 63 a bit) is that things are adaptable, so this could be canopies, tents, fencing, walls even. With 63, I was thinking of having walls that had openings which could be made bigger or smaller (a bit like the swishy doors in Star Wars!), so people have more or less of a view etc. Issey Miyake's work shows how the clothing and the body work together and he also tries to highlight the space between the two, with the feeling that the clothing can be adjusted to suit the user. I want my city to have lots of features that can be changed, depending on different things - the weather, the mood, the time of day, special events, the preference of the inhabitants of the buildings etc. I also think I'd like to incorporate certain features which are affected by the weather, for example, fabric canopies or parts of buildings which expand when the winds hits them, or parts of buildings which could change colour in the rain - that sort of thing.
These are a few initial quick sketches which I did right at the beginning of the project. I'm going to carry on with a few more in my sketchbook as I feel a bit more productive working with pen & paper, rather than the graphic tablet, though I do feel like I'm improving! Going to couple this with putting together the Travelogue as I'm still a bit hazy about things. Am hoping the two tasks will help each other along!

About the name - a few people have named their cities and this is something I hadn't even thought about! Am thinking of going for 'Efileno' and there's a reason for it; Issey Miyake uses a lot of 'play on words' with his collections. For example, he has a collection called 'ELTTOB TEP', which although sounds like a range of Ikea furniture, is actually 'Pet Bottle' backwards. He also has a fragrance called 'L'eau D'Issey', which sounds very similar to 'L'Odyssey'. Issey's name in Japanese means 'one life', so 'Efileno' = 'one life' backwards! Does it sound ok, or just a bit cheesy? Honest comments are very welcome!

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