Sunday, 2 November 2014

What If? Metropolis - thumbnails 1-21

Just playing around with shapes really at the moment. Using the shapes from Issey Miyake's clothing and also some of the textures. Pleats are one of his signature ranges so I want this effect to have a strong influence on my city. Miyake is also keen on the idea that his clothing can be changed to suit the wearer's mood or preference. Am thinking along the lines of tents, bridges, canopies - architectural features which are changeable. Any feedback very welcome!


  1. like your thinking re. canopies and adaptability - take a look at 'membrane architecture' and 'tensile architecture' for some sympathetic shapes and technologies in terms of bigger structures :)

  2. I like 19 and 21, very interesting shapes! You could look into different folding techniques if you want to build a more interesting pleated look?